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The Basics - 3 Modules 12 week course
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Eco Fashion Enterprise | One

ALL The Basics  


3 basic modules 12 weeks program - Byron Bay

100+ of teaching and learning content

In this course you will focus on developing your own complete fashion clothing concept / product portfolio and getting everything ready for production.

You will learn practical skills in design strategies, exploring re-inventions,  recognising and selecting sustainable materials, researching and applying sustainable work practices, creating master pattern and sewing prototypes.

Module 1 - Design Development

Module 2 - Fabrics and Fabrications

Module 3 - Pattern and Prototype Production



Certificate of Completion



 Introduction to Sustainable Fibres, Fabrics & Fabrications 


2 hours - Byron Bay

Our introductory workshop is designed to provide you with a practical understanding of sustainable fibres, fabrics, and the art of fabrication within the fashion and apparel industry.


Through hands-on experience, you will develop a foundational knowledge of specific materials and their environmental impact. In addition, we offer valuable references to deepen your expertise during and after the workshop. This is your gateway to shaping a greener, more informed future in the world of fashion.



Eco Fashion Designer

Design process & Portfolio

1 module 4 weeks program - Byron Bay 

25+hours of teaching and learning content

Our Eco Fashion Designer course is also part of the

 Sustainable Fashion Summer School in Europe in August 

1 module - 2 week intensive program - Venice, Italy and Vienna, Austria

This is the ultimate Design Course to guide you through the design process and design portfolio set-up. 

You will learn how to create cohesive Storyboards, Mood boards, Illustration and Line-up boards for your designs.

During this program you are exploring opportunities for eco design versus traditional design.


​ If you are interested in a future fashion career, this course is a starting

point for you.

The Fashion Weekender​​

Personal Styling  & Sustainability

one -on -one Workshop 

 This is your opportunity to put yourself first.

Book YOUR personal styling workshop at a time of your convenience.

It is all about working out exactly which style archetypes, colour schemes, sustainable materials and designs work for your personality and silhouette.

Your Personal Regeneration workshop is here to unearth and highlight the hidden gems in your wardrobe with a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly choices. 

Our Courses

 Coming Soon 

Sustainable Fashion

Summer School in Europe

Eco Fashion Designer


1 modules – 2 weeks program 

 Venice + Vienna, Austria 

Enrolment March 2024

Eco Fashion Enterprise | Two


3 advanced modules – 12 weeks program 

September 2024

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Dreaming of a career in Fashion Design? 
You're at the right place.

If you are looking for a practical course to learn the best basics to set-up an Eco Fashion Enterprise, then this is the place for you!

The Byron School of Fashion is one of the first to close the gap in fashion education for a greener future. We are committed to guide and support new creators and innovators. We are committed to contribute to change, to recreate, to remake and to regenerate the fashion landscape.


As one of our students you will become the catalyst for positive change, addressing environmental consideration and ethical standards while learning new skills.

So, let’s start from the beginning to adapt new ways of working.

We will teach you to turn your passion into reality!

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