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Eco Fashion Enterprise | One

The Basic  

3  fundamental modules 12 week program

100+hours of teaching and learning content

Course fee 12 week course - $3,050 (part time study) Payment plan available

Module 1 - Design Development

In this module, students are introduced to the design process and learning practical and technical skills while developing visual communication for fashion concepts.
They are exploring forecasting and design strategies, activate critical thinking and reflection to apply environment consideration. Students investigate the juxtaposition of reinventing existing fashion products and producing new garments.

Module 2 - Fabrics and Fabrications

In this module, students are introduced to sustainable fibres, fabrics and fabrication methods. They are exploring the pre- and post-consumer environment impact of the fashion industry. Students will research alternative options for sourcing and production of their Eco Fashion Enterprise.

Module 3 - Pattern and PrototypesProduction

In this module, students learn and apply basic technical skills for pattern making and garment construction. They will apply the making-process while producing master pattern and sewing prototypes for their own eco fashion range.



Basic computer skills, creative curiosity, technical understanding

Basic sewing skills recommended


Design Portfolio and Presentation 

Master Patterns for your chosen Sample Garments

Cutting and Sewing of your Sample Prototypes

Graduation and Certificate of Completion

Comprehensive basic requirements to set-up your own Eco Fashion Business

Complete body of work for University entry requirements Fashion and Design

Timetable Information:

As long time locals of the Byron Shire, our 12 weeks course is constructed around real life experiences. We are working in Habitat Workspace and collaborating with local sewing studios in and around the Byron Arts&Industrial estate.


Due to this and to Covid precautions we have adapted to a flexible timetable:

Design classes:

Every Tuesday + Wednesday or Thursday + Friday (4-6 hours per week)

Pattern making and Sewing classes:

Friday and/or  Saturday (4-8 hours per week)

If you have any questions please contact us directly via email.


Introduction to Sustainable Fibres & Fabrics


Byron Bay

2 hours + learning content

Course fee : $65


Welcome to our inaugural workshop, a unique opportunity to delve into the realm of sustainable fashion. Tailored to empower you with practical knowledge, this workshop focuses on sustainable fibres, fabrics, and the intricate process of fabrication within the fashion and apparel industry. Through hands-on activities, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of specific materials, their attributes, and the environmental impact of your choices.

We believe that learning is an ongoing journey, which is why we provide you with valuable references to deepen your expertise during and beyond the workshop. By the end of this experience, you'll be equipped not only to make informed decisions in fashion but also to contribute positively to reducing the industry's environmental footprint.

No pre-requisites

Eco Fashion Designer

Design process & Portfolio

1 module 4 weeks program - Byron Bay


1 module 2 weeks intensive program -

Sustainable Fashion Summer School - Europe

25+hours of teaching and learning content

Course fee 4 weeks course - $ 1050 (part time study) Payment plan available


Course fee 2 weeks intensive course - $ 1050 (full time study)

Note: Sustainable Fashion Summer School course excludes travel fares and accommodation.

During this course will learn how to create cohesive Storyboards, Mood boards, Illustration and Line-up boards for your designs while you are exploring opportunities for eco design versus traditional design.

This  design program is a starting point for your future fashion career, as you can explore further study options. 

You have also the opportunity to continue with Module 2 and Module 3 of our Eco Fashion Enterprise course.


Basic computer skills, creative curiosity


Design Portfolio for further Fashion and Design studies 

Timetable Information:

We are working in Habitat Workspace in the Byron Arts&Industrial estate.

Due to this and to Covid precautions we have adapted our timetable and are working from 10am to 1 pm.

If you have any questions contact us directly via email.



The Fashion Weekender 

personal Styling & Sustainability

one - on - one Workshop at a time of your convenience

3 hours

Course fee : $350 

This workshop is centred around your wardrobe, in the comfort of your home. We are meeting you there to unearth and highlight the hidden gems and drape over unavoidable changes - with a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly choices.

Have  you noticed certain clothes, styles and colours are not fitting anymore?

Have you muted your personality and hit the pause button on your style for to long?

Together we are defining your wardrobe composition regarding of colour schemes, personal preferences and style archetypes.

You will investigate tools to support styling choices and environmental consideration of fashion consumption.

 To book a personal styling session contact us directly via email. 



Curiosity and creativity, ready to explore changes

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